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Will COVID-19 have a Long-term Effect on Travel & Tourism in Goa?

The Covid-19 Pandemic has gripped the whole world with fear and uncertainty. The outbreak has already claimed thousands of lives, affected millions of families, and caused irreversible damage to many families. The worse facet of the Covid-19 Pandemic remains the crash down of world economies. Every country that has been affected has already begun to feel the crippling effect of the Pandemic.  The India Economy has been badly hit by the pandemic. The uncertainty of the future looms over all of us, to say the least. Goa heavily relies on travel and tourism for its revenues. The Goa nightlife buzzes with popular club songs, the beaches also swarmed with people across the Globe are facets that bring money into the Goan Economy.

The Current Scenario

The Nationwide lockdown completely restricted any or all movement of individuals. This led to tourists getting stuck in the state for an unforeseen period. The complete lockdown results in a halt of train and flight services, halting of local bus services. A huge impact is felt on the owners of the night clubs. The nightlife in Goa today are like ghost towns with no one visiting them. The revenues of the owners are badly hit. Thereby consequently affecting the staff and workers who worked tirelessly to make the Goa nightlife thriving. The most popular places that were a part of the Goa nightlife standstill today. Mambos, Tito’s, Hammerzz are clubs, some of which have been thriving since decades have halted their services in this manner for the first time.

The future holds hope

The Goa tourism department already has a tourism policy in place. However, the state is looking at coming up with packages for the hoteliers, vendors, and other tourism-related employees. This package aims to boost the business and encourage them to restart their business. Currently, Goa has been declared as a Green Zone, which implies that small and gradual movements in local businesses could be expected to begin. While we are still a long way from having a normal inflow of tourists, small local businesses may restart.

Looking at the bright side

While everyone misses the thriving Goa nightlife, the state has had a respite from some anti-social elements such as the drug-dealing ruckus in the tourism industry. The Goa nightlife today may be missing, but it is expected to bounce back once the complete lockdown is lifted, however gradually. The Goa tourism, the Goa nightlife, and its beaches will one day return to its complete fervor. The beaches will be bustling again, the goa nightlife will be buzzing again. Having fun with complete freedom will surely return, not anytime soon, but certainly. Nightlife in Goa today may be at a complete standstill. But as they say ‘This too shall pass’, as it always does

Apps such as the Folga App will make things easier going forward for customers. Instead of standing in long queues, this app will allow pre-booking club entries. This will be our new normal, and apps such as the Folga App are great examples of how technology will benefit us post-pandemic.

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