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Which is Better: Clubbing or House party?

House parties always have the most memorable and quirky memories that you will be laughing at for years to come. It’s private, it is intimate and it is too much fun. Clubbing on the other hand has great music, kick-ass ambiance, and a vibe to it that is a high in itself. The clubbing culture is an experience in itself. If you are to go clubbing in Goa, you can be rest assured that the night will be a truly eventful one. Let us look at the pros and cons of both clubbing and house parties so that you can make a clear choice of what you prefer.

Food & drinks

Clubs: Going to clubs is all about the experience. The food may be more expensive than you would like, but the best places for clubbing in North Goa have the most scrumptious, delectable food. You need not worry about the mess right after or planning and cooking the meals, unlike a house party. You can pre-book your tables using the Folga app thus saving time.

House Parties: Wondering how are night clubs in Goa with rates? Well, it could be a hit to your pocket. The upside of house party food is that you could choose home-cooked meals, order as preferred, all of which are cheaper than clubs. You can save a lot of money on food and drinks. The alcohol from local places could result in huge savings. Also, no queues or endless lines.

Dancing Queen?

Clubs: Some of the best places for clubbing in north goa offers an exceptional quality of musical experience. The bass reverberates through your body. You could get lost in the music and beats. A professional DJ of course makes all the difference. If you love dancing your heart out, clubbing is the experience to go for. The folga app offers you a range of night clubs in goa with rates.

House party: Well when it comes to a house party, you can have the songs of your own choice. It works best when you have someone with a great taste In music who’s handling the music console. Else, the restrictions on playing loud music in residential areas could be a bit of a buzz kill.


Clubs: Clubbing in goa is more or less almost safe because of the bouncers etc. However, there is a slight chance that some strangers may try to get over-friendly. Some creeps may dance too close to comfort. However, there’s nothing you can’t handle as long as you are responsible. Download the Folga app so that you need not stay outside in queues at midnight.

House parties: You are bound to have the utmost safety because you have complete control over the invite list. It is intimate and therefore safe. You know everyone, or if not, you know someone who knows someone. That’s a definite benefit that the house party offers.

There is a bittersweet factor in both experiences. You can enjoy the best places for clubbing in North Goa if you love the outdoor clubbing vibe. If you are more of a private person, there’s nothing like a good house party with your close buddies. As long as you are having fun, nothing else matters.

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