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Where to Find the Best Cocktails in Goa?

If you have a foodie gene running in your blood, you want to explore the true essence of a place by the food & drinks it offers. When in Goa, you may be spoilt for choice when it comes to restaurants. If you look for the best casual dining restaurants in Goa, the ultimate nightlife app known as the Folga App can help you. Want to know where you can find the best cocktails in Goa? Well, we’ve put together a list for you. 

The Kamaki

Kamaki is a local favourite when it comes to food and drinks. This place isn’t a chic, ultra-luxurious dining place. The best part of this place is the friendly, casual vibe that it gives off. It is the most preferred casual dining place in Goa. Kamaki Offers one of the best combinations of cocktails. It has quirky combinations that have the guests raving about the hit.

The Pink Elephant

If you are looking for a place with a classy vibe, and the most innovative cocktails then The Pink Elephant is the place for you. Now use the Folga app to visit the best dining restaurants near you. They have the quirkiest cocktail menu. One of the most popular ones is the ‘Spicy Elephant’, this particular drink is everything you need on a good vacation. It has the right hit of tequila that can get the party started. 

The Pit Stop

Goa has a few local watering holes that are as popular with the tourists as it is with the locals. Because The Pit Stop is one of the best casual dining restaurants near you, you must visit it with your gang. Order in a crisp Mojito or Daiquiri and you are good to go. The Pit Stop owing to its popularity may have a paucity of tables. Which is why to use the Folga app to pre-book your seats in best casual dining restaurants in goa.

The Show Bar Exchange

Want to have fun as you go visit the best casual dining restaurants in goa. The Show bar exchange has a unique concept wherein they follow the stock exchange pattern of demand for deciding the pricing. Because it has a range of some amazing cocktails, you will be spoilt for choice. No wonder it is the best casual dining restaurant in goa. 

The Hub

When in Goa, opt for places that have a cool vibe, wherein the cocktails are great, but so is the ambience. Let the good conversations breed, let love blossom. Choose the Hub because it has a quaint and amazing ambience with some good music. You’ll have the time of your life, with your gang, as you sip some Long Island Iced tea at the cheapest rates. 

For getting the best entries into any of these best casual dining restaurants in goa, just download the Folga app. You can not just pre-book your entries, but also get the best offers and discounts. You can have a look at the pictures and decide which ambience and music you prefer. Everything detail you need to know is available on the app 

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