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What are the Safety precautions for Nightlife in Goa in 2020

What are the Safety precautions for Nightlife in Goa in 2020

It is safe to say that this year has completely changed the definition of normal. Apart from our normal work and home routine, Covid has also snatched away from our opportunity to explore and travel. The clubs, pubs and restaurants in Goa were shut for a major part of the year to curb the virus spread. Although the centre has given permission to club owners to slowly open, it comes with a list of procedures and protocols to follow. The question still lingering in every traveller’s mind, is it safe to visit nightclubs and pubs in Goa in 2020?

Safety precautions you can follow as a traveller

The first thing in your to-do list is to book well in advance with a reliable airline. Make sure you follow the necessary instructions given out by the airlines. Avoid travelling completely if you are sick or are not feeling well. Follow individual safety norms like wearing a mask and gloves, sanitising your hands at regular intervals and maintaining social distance at crowded places. Download the Arogya Setu app as it is mandatory to visit Restaurants and pubs. Avoid public transit and hire your own vehicle. Follow social distance markers when you are at a pub or restaurant.

What are the safety measures followed by Pubs and clubs in Goa?

Goa has always been at the forefront and a top tier party destination. Titos lane, SinQ, Cabana, LPK are some of the popular party places in Goa where the party goes on till morning. Nightlife in Goa in 2020 has taken a hit this pandemic as pubs and clubs were shut for almost the entirety of the year. As much as we want to get back to partying, it is still unsafe as virus spread has not been curbed entirely.

The pubs and clubs are following safety precautions and protocols as directed by the Government to minimise the risk. As per the protocols, the tables should be limited and set apart at a distance of 6 meters from each other. Sanitization, thermal screening booths and hand sanitisers are mandatory to be set up by the hotel. Only a limited number of people, who have pre-booked previously will be allowed, which is where Folga app comes to the rescue. Digital payments are encouraged so that there is no common point of contact between the staff and customers. Since the social distancing protocols are still in place the dance segment of pubs and clubs are still not functional. You can go to visit the lounge and the restaurant section and enjoy a good meal.

Folga App to the rescue

The Goa nightlife will undergo a drastic change and a new normal would be established. There would be limited entries in pubs and restaurants so as to avoid crowding. The dance section will be divided into different sections far from each other to maintain social distancing. Folga App is a lifestyle app that comes in handy during these times with upcoming parties in Goa in 2020. With Folga, you can book tables in advance for select restaurants. Booking through Folga helps you avoid crowds, gatherings and large queues outside the restaurants. The bookings made are contactless, convenient and hassle-free. On top of that, you can also avail discounts on food and drinks at select restaurants if you book through this app.

After a toll this pandemic has had this year, Goa can be your change of fresh air. So, let the dusty travel bags out of the closet, pack them and plan a trip to this beautiful land of sun, sand and beaches.  

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