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Vacation in Goa after lockdown: All that You Need to Know

The one word that has spawned on everyone’s lips during this later stage of lockdown is boredom. Well, finally some good news for the travellers who were cooped in for months and itching to travel. The picturesque destination has now opened its door with further ease of restrictions. Here’s everything you need to know about the nightlife in Goa after lockdown for your next trip.

Here’s a quick rundown on the latest guidelines in Goa 

Earlier the tourists had to carry a Covid – 19 negative test report while entering Goa. From September 1st, 2020 Goa has lifted the restriction that tourists need to carry a Covid 19 negative certificate. However, all tourists are expected to undergo thermal screening. Additionally, basic Covid 19 screening test at their respective hotels is necessary.

Rules and regulations in Hotels

Only the Hotels with highest safety and hygiene standards have been permitted to open by the tourism department. This list is available at the Goa tourism website. A self-declaration form should be submitted at the hotel. Carrying a face mask and maintaining social distance is mandatory. The tourists should avoid travel if they are exhibiting general sickness or facing Covid 19 symptoms. Tourists are required to download and install the Arogya Setu App on their phones. There are no restrictions on travel inside Goa. E pass is no more mandatory to go from place to place.

Nightlife in Goa Post Lockdown

The good news for tipplers is that the bars and restaurants have been given the green light to open in unlock 4. The Bars and restaurants permitted to open have to follow all SOPS and guidelines drafted by the tourism department. The Opening of bars and restaurants might reinvigorate the nightlife in Goa after lockdown but it will still take a considerable amount of time for it to reach its pinnacle as there continue to be many restrictions in place. The biggest restriction that continues to remain, is the ban on pubs and clubs in Goa for obvious safety reasons.

But what about lounges and bars?

The lounges, pubs and clubs and restaurants are open as of now but without the dance section as it threatens the social distancing protocol. Due to these restrictions, the nightlife in Goa after lockdown might not be as appealing to the party crazed tourists. This is because they won’t be able to experience the familiar party ambience with dizzy neon lights and good music. The seating capacity is minimum and thus a prior reservation is required.

Apps such as the folga app help you decide on the best restaurants, pubs and clubs in Goa and also lets you reserve the table in advance. You no longer have to worry about missing out on some good food or stand in long queues for entry. Unfortunately for the tourists, the beloved beachside shacks still haven’t got permission to reopen. However, it looks like things might open up in October when the tourist season starts.

If you have been dreaming of trying your hand at casinos, dancing with abandon and truly having a good unwinding in Goa, you may have to wait a little longer. The lifting of restrictions are still in the nascent stages and hence the nightlife activity in Goa after lockdown is sparse for the time being until the restrictions are further lifted. If you like nature, good chill dinners and scenic locations, then Goa is still a good option to visit. While for those who enjoy the nightlife more than the pristine beaches and tourists spot this pandemic might surely be an impediment but not the end.

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