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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Baga-Calangute in 2020

Caressed between the Western Ghats and the Arabian sea, Goa is known for its sun, sand and beaches, especially North Goa. It boasts beauty with the most energetic nightlife. North goa is known as the Ibiza of India because of the famous clubs in Titos lane. Here are the 5 reasons why Baga and Calangute should be on your must-visit places list in 2020.  

A Hot Spot for tourists like you!

This beauty is dotted with Golden beaches and turquoises water but is home to other attractions such as majestic forts, elegant and beautiful churches, party hotspots, buzzing markets and grand casinos. In the Baga-Calangute area, you can indulge in water sports, try on the scrumptious local cuisine. Calangute is well connected to other popular areas in the north be it beach surfing or sight-seeing. It has the quaint old lanes of old Goa or shopping through the flea markets. 

Numerous options for accommodation to choose from

Being a tourist hotspot, the Baga-Calangute region has countless options for you to select from based on your budget. This area is known as the backpacker’s paradise as there are loads of budgeted hostels. If comfort is your prime preference you will find luxurious hotels and stays as well. There are a lot of budget-friendly hostels that provide a common communal area for solo travellers. Especially the ones who like to meet and interact with new people. Accommodation options vary from numerous beachfront stays to homestays to hotels. Enjoy this tranquil stay. 

Large selection of places to eat

From fine dining restaurants, beach shacks, pizzerias, sea-facing restaurants to the local authentic restaurants, these beaches have it all. And as the saying goes, when in Rome do as the Romans do. Your trip will be incomplete without trying authentic Goan cuisine. There are many famous restaurants in the Titos lane which will satiate your hunger pangs with scrumptious local cuisine.

Calamaris has exquisite Goan food on its menu, Mum’s kitchen is known for its Authentic Goan seafood. Another spot is Venite,known for its fusion of Goan-Portuguese cuisine. Kamakis at the Titos lane is a club which is famous for its good food and party atmosphere. Pitstop is a laidback restaurant close to the Baga beach. You can satiate your local Goan food and alcohol cravings in a relaxed ambience.

Lesser number of tourists due to the pandemic.

Baga and Calangute were always swarmed with tourists from every corner of the world. There were many problems due to overcrowding such as no accommodations, packed restaurants and pubs, surge pricing and littering. The pandemic has changed the scenario completely. If you are bored with the work from home routine and looking to unwind yourself, this is the best time to visit as the outpour of the tourists is limited due to the pandemic. With the Folga App, you can now get your bookings done at the restaurant beforehand. 

Sparkling Nightlife at Baga-Calangute

The Baga-Calangute area is home to the legendary and well known Titos. Because it is home to famous clubs, the nightlife at Titos lane is well known among the party circuit in India. The Titos lane is the main street that leads to the Baga beach. The street is always buzzing with infectious energy and activity. There are many famous clubs in titos lane such as Titos, Mambos, Capetown, Kamaki, Cocktails & Dreams where you can let your hair down and party till the wee hours in the morning.

So, if you are a party animal a trip to Goa is incomplete without visiting the nightlife at Titos lane. The essence of this place can be captured by the flickering billboard placed at the entrance of the Titos lane which says,” Titos lane, where else!!”

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