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Tips To Plan Your Weekend Trip To Goa

Book your flight tickets in advance

Currently, Goa is safer as compared to other states, if and when the flights commence traveling to and for Goa should be reasonably convenient. The aviation industry has been severely impacted by the pandemic. Their revenues have come down significantly and severely. This is a great time to help both the industry and yourself. Pre-book your flight tickets because you will find them dirt cheap. In case the pandemic threat continues; most flight services allow you to postpone your tickets. This is a win-win situation for all involved. Book your flight tickets to Goa the first opportunity you get. You will not only be supporting the industry in some small way but also saving some trip costs. A weekend trip to goa has never been cheaper.

Get your hotel bookings done

Hotels has been as impacted as the aviation industry. The sudden cut down on all local and international traveling has cut off the need for hotels completely. Normally, weekend costs coupled with hotel bookings are always expensive. However, with this pandemic situation, it is advisable to book the tickets right away. Because as soon as the lockdown lifts, the hotel charges may skyrocket due to the long shut down of business. Booking right now will help you enjoy the best offers at the most affordable rates. You may even get rates cheaper than the regular hotel rates. You can simultaneously also plan out happening places in north goa at night.

Pre-book your club entries

Various businesses including nightclubs are facing the brunt of this lockdown. The Folga app allows you to Pre-book club entries at attractive prices. This can cut your trip costs by a mile. Among the various happening places in north goa, make sure you include clubs in your list. You can Pre-book clubs such as Tito’s, Mambo’s, Hammerzz, and many more using the app. You get an unmatched insight into the pricing, menu, and reviews of the clubs right at the touch of a button. Avail attractive offers that the Folga app lets you manage from the comfort of your home amidst this lockdown.

Simple tips like researching and listing down happening places in north goa or things to do in goa at night can help you plan your itinerary. Apps like the Folga app lets you pre-book club entries, similarly use online flight and hotel booking apps. Be smart about your weekend trip planning!

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