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Things Not to Do in Goa

Goa is the Holy Grail of Beach vacation spots in India. Guys, please give us a heartfelt Amen on that! But let’s come down to the downright silly things we all know someone has done in Goa. The reason why people have the most outrageous stories is that too many people use Goa as an excuse to be reckless. Don’t be a buzzkill, please. This place can truly teach you how to enjoy nightlife in Goa, as long as you don’t screw it up! Here are some things we beg you never to in Goa. (No not even once).

Reckless Drinking

This has to be the number one on the list, doesn’t it? Yes, the alcohol is cheap, yes, this place is all about how to enjoy nightlife in Goa, but not at the cost of your safety. Goa truly loves all its tourists, and we want our visitors to come and experience our time and again. Come to Goa, but know your alcohol and your alcohol tolerance limits. Imagine you took all this effort to book your nightclub online for entries, and here’s someone who is raining on your parade. Drink responsibly. Tag a drinking buddy. Your drinking buddy and you can truly set new standards on how to enjoy nightlife in Goa. 

Compromising on Travel Safety

While there are local taxis and transports available, it’s best if you have your own vehicle. Scooty’s are available on rent, it’s a great option only if you aren’t planning on drinking. You could just hire a professional known app cab service in the area for late-night parties. Another good way to avoid wandering alone at night is to book your nightclub online. The Folga app lets you pre-book your club entries before you even get there. You save on a lot of time and money by just pre-booking your favorite nightclubs and restaurants. Now, book your nightclub online in a hassle-free manner. 

Littering the Beaches

Plastic pollution, littering is singlehandedly the biggest enemy of the beaches. Our pristine beaches need to look pristine and not like a big dump of plastic. No one likes putting their feet into the water and feeling squeamish as the plastic pieces scrape past your feet. Don’t leave behind anything, especially plastic. 

Illegally entering the clubs

Enjoy the nightlife in Goa, but do it the right way. Club entries may seem difficult but not with the Folga App. Pre-book your club entry with the app, yes even the most popular clubs. Trying to get in using cheap hacks is below you! Stay classy, enjoy the smart way using the smart Folga App

Ruin Heritage Sites

This the worst thing you can do anywhere in the world. Respect the local culture and its history. If you know how to enjoy nightlife in Goa then know how to respect Goan heritage sites. Respect these monuments and enjoy its history. After all that walking and learning, you can just book your nightclub online or just a casual dinner booking through the Folga App

We are sure you are well equipped with all the things to do in Goa. However. We certainly hope you don’t do any of the above things to ruin this experience for yourself and others.

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