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Pubs & Lounges in Goa Are Opening: What are the safety measures being followed?

Goa is called the party capital of India for a reason. The dazzling and zestful nightlife is almost imbibed as a part of local culture and folklore. We often dream about the cheaper than water booze, waves touching our feet and partying like there is no tomorrow. More so in this dreary global pandemic. Since Unlock 3 was announced, the unspoken question in everyone’s mind is, “Are clubs open in goa? The Unlock 4 guidelines have ushered in a much-needed relief for the restaurant owners and the patrons alike. 

So, are clubs open in Goa??

After remaining closed for more than 5 months, the pubs,  restaurants, and bars have finally opened for customers. *happy dance* The restaurants were already allowed to open during unlock 3 but now according to the new guidelines in unlock 4, the state excise department has issued an order permitting the sale and consumption of alcohol as well but with safety measures by clubs and pubs in goa. The clubs continue to remain shit, however, the pubs’ section of these clubs are now being leveraged to the fullest. 

Deep diving into the Safety measures by pubs and clubs in Goa

With the pubs open after lockdown, measures have been issued by the Union ministry of home affairs which are to be followed by the restaurants. They are not much different from the ones followed countrywide. The clubs and pubs have to ensure that visiting customers wear a mask while entering. Hand sanitizer provisions to be made available to the customers at the entry.

The pubs and clubs are required to maintain a minimum of six metres distance from each other to avoid the spread of infection. Due to this social distancing protocol, the dance floor of night clubs has not opened yet. Also, the clubs and pubs need to ensure that there is a reservation policy in place so that the customers don’t flock all at once. Which is when the popular nightlife app the Folga app comes to the rescue. You can pre-book tables from the comfort of your home thanks to the app. 

Provisions for thermal scanning, hand wash and use of sanitizers are made mandatory at all exit and entry points for customers and employees. Frequent sanitisation of the entire premises, common facilities area and surfaces which come in human contact like the doorknobs, tables, dishes, counters are to be carried out. Card or digital payments are encouraged so that the payments made are contactless.

How are the clubs coping with this unlock 4? 

Though the restaurant and pub owners can breathe a little easy with ease of restrictions, the unlock 4 has not brought any good tidings for the prevalent nightclubs in Goa. Due to social distancing protocols, there are restrictions on the dance section and hence the party scenes in Goa have taken a hit. With the pubs open after lockdown, they are reinventing themselves in order to cushion this blow. Since you cannot party at ‘Titos’, they are bringing the party at your doorstep by starting home delivery.

A famous Pub in Goa ‘A Reverie’ was sought out for its musical gigs and party ambience but since the pandemic, the restaurant has shifted its focus on innovative experiences. This includes DIY meal at the table or little notes guiding the patrons to the wine library which help them to select the bottle from the library and get it to the table. Are clubs open in goa?  Not fully yet but it seems like with unlock 4, our Goa plans don’t seem so farfetched anymore. We may have to wait a little bit more to show off our dance moves but there is a lot more to Goa than its pubs and clubs.

With its safety measures by clubs and pubs in goa are trying their best to stay afloat and normalise things. The picturesque beaches, cheap booze and delectable seafood will give you the much-needed break during this pandemic.

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