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Nightlife In Panjim: 5 Places In Panjim You Need To Be At

Goa has a way of creeping into your holiday itinerary. It just manages to creep into your dream vacation destinations for the year, once again. When in Goa, you might have gone to all the club regulars, but have you truly explored Panjim to the fullest? Here are 5 best places for nightlife in Panjim that you must explore. 

The Black sheep Bistro

When in Goa, try and accommodate this cool and swanky place to your must-visit list. It offers not just great food, but great ambience and music too. You’ll fall in love with the place from the get-go. People who come here regularly do so because of its mouthwatering dishes. When here, you must try the Churros, which is the top favourite here. Followed by Fish cakes and Chorizo Pav which are truly delectable. This place has a very chill vibe about it, while also boasting great music. The choice is yours; do you want to sit back and shit chat or would you like to put your dancing shoes on. 

The Hub

When in Goa, it would be criminal to miss out on popular places and restaurants. The best place for nightlife in Panjim definitely is the Hub Goa. This place starts to get packed pretty quick, all thanks to that delectable the hub Goa menu. Music is everything here. We are pretty sure you’ll be screaming ‘Hey that’s my song’ every few minutes here. That’s the magic of this place. The hub Goa menu is really great with some popular Goan delicacies on there. Some of the must-try dishes is its Cafreal Pizza and the very scrumptious Korean Fried Chicken. Don’t be lazy about planning your trip to the hub Goa, as it gets quite packed. Which is why it is highly recommended o download the Folga app and book your tables in advance. This nightlife app also offers great discounts, so you might just save some bucks while you are at it. 


Goa may have the cool and swanky places, but what truly makes this vacation spot authentic is its tiny cafes. Perfect for a meandering night with friends, catching up over life, as you sip on some cocktails. Just as the Hub offers great food, this place too has quite a menu.  Hop on over to Mojos to enjoy the great food and great music. Listen to your friends chatter away as you laugh over the silliest things! With its rustic ambience, you sure will have some memories snapped into pictures which will remain priceless and timeless forever. 


Will your Goa trip truly be complete without a trip to the Casinos in Panjim? Isn’t your Goan to visit the best place for nightlife in Panjim really incomplete without the Casino? Two of the most popular casinos around here are Aish-O-Rum Big Daddy Casino and Hazoor – Big Daddy Casino. Keen to try your luck in gambling? Then Panjim is the place to be. 

Joseph Bar

This is Goa’s ultimate Dive Bar. What’s amazing about Goa is you can find all kinds of variety. Right from a cool place like The Hub Goa to a chill place like the Joseph Bar. Visit this Quaint bar and enjoy its feel!

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