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Nightlife in Goa is Over: What Next?

The Year is 2020, and since the very first month, the world got caught in a whirlwind of mishaps. The biggest of all was the Coronavirus, known as the COVID 19 that took over the world. Even the most happening places came to an utter standstill. Goa, the party capital of India, where the biggest revenue was churned in from tourism and hospitality was hit hard. If you had your annual trip planned to Goa and had to cancel the tickets, we feel you. But that does raise the question, what next for nightlife in Goa for Bachelors? Is this the end? Certainly not!

How it all began, the gravity of the situation

The COVID 19 virus hit India Mid-February. While the concerns did brim across India, nobody thought the proportions would be so widespread. By Mid-March, shutdowns began across the country, Goa too. March was one of the last months where nightlife in Goa for bachelors saw the light of the day. Nightlife in Baga beach from then onwards came to a complete standstill. The intention was obviously to protect the public at large, but the economic impact of it was definitely starting to be felt. 

How Goa Hopes to recover

The State Governments started taking initiatives to help businesses stay afloat. The Best clubs and bars in Goa may have been shut, but plans of helping the economy were underway. The Government has time and again made it clear that Goa has had exceptional recover rates as far as infected patients were concerned. Even at its worst, Goa was one of the safest and relatively less severely hit as compared to other states. But the shutdown on nightlife in goa for bachelors was definitely felt. Ministers are taking measures to revive the industry

Measures to be taken to revive the industry

The Government of Goa will be taking measures to ensure the safety protocols of tourists. The track record of their COVID cases and recovery only helps people have faith in the way things have been handled. They have ensured that once the hotels reopen, stringent measures for ensuring safety will be taken. It may take some time for nightlife in Goa Baga beach to get back up, but local restaurants are starting delivery options. Some of the most popular restaurants have opened at minimal seating capacity. Apps such as the Folga app lets you pre-book your entry so that there is no crowding and you can get there without any queues. 

Safety measures coupled with smart government initiatives instills hope for nightlife in goa for bachelors. Goa has always bounced back from travesties and it will do so this time again too. Although there are no tourists today, the best clubs and bars in goa will bounce back sooner or later. The Goan charm will shine through again. Nightlife in Goa Baga Beach or Nightlife in Goa for bachelors will be crazy, fun, and amazing again. This pandemic may be a roadblock but definitely isn’t the end. 

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