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Mostly Handy Online Booking Apps When Vacationing in Goa

Planning a vacation looks easy, but never is. There are a lot of things stacked up, a lot of boxes to be ticked like zeroing in on a place, booking flight tickets, booking hotels and booking tours based on your preference. Whether you are planning for a vacation with family, travelling solo or going for emergency business trips, certain handy online booking apps make planning and booking much easier. If you are travelling to Goa these 5 online apps that allow best discount nightlife, cheaper travelling options then try these :

Goa Miles

Goa doesn’t have uber! Believe it! Local taxis have no standardised meter fares in Goa, hence can be expensive. Goa Miles is a Goan government-approved app which provides taxis at a significantly cheaper rate. Its functioning is similar to Ola and Uber wherein you can enter your destination and book a taxi. You can locate your driver through GPS in the app. It is a safe app to use especially for solo female travellers as it provides the complete details of the driver and you can even share your trip details with friends and family. Digital payments are accepted! Great isn’t it? 

Make My Trip

Make My Trip or MMT is one of the leading travelling apps that allows you to book flight tickets, hotel bookings, train tickets and car bookings in and outside India. MMT also provides customized tour packages based on your preferences and budget. So, if you are unsure about how to plan your Goa trip you can always book customized trips, excursions and sightseeing tour packages which cover places like Chapora fort, Aguada fort, Old churches of Goa or magnificent architectural structures in the south. MMT also provides economic and budget hotel options along with luxury stays. They have a 24-hour customer assistance helpline number to assist you with your bookings. Their refund policy too is flexible.


Airbnb is unique as it allows you to book or rent a complete property like someone’s house or share a space with the owners. Goa is known for its calm and quaint villages and also for its spectacular and scenic countryside. You can experience the traditional Goan or Portuguese homestays with Airbnb. You can directly contact or have a chat with the host regarding the booking. Airbnb is relatively cheaper compared to hostels if you are planning to stay for a longer period. If you are travelling in a group and want to stay together, Airbnb is your solution. 


The awesome food delivery app. The Food Culture in Goa is quite diverse and your food experience is incomplete without feeling the ambience of the place be it a fine dine, local authentic restaurants or a club. Though the restaurants have opened up in unlock 4 but it is still risky to go out and eat due to the fear of the spread of Covid-19. Swiggy comes to the rescue if you don’t feel comfortable going out and eating. Don’t worry this app will satiate your hunger pangs by delivering food to your safe place from your favourite restaurants. Feeling lazy? Swiggy to the rescue. You can order from popular restaurants like Brittos, Thalassa, Ritz Classic Curlies, Titos.

Folga: Nightlife discount app

What’s Goa without infamous nightlife?  The travellers sometimes may get confused about which pubs or clubs to visit as there is an abundance of options to choose from. Folga is considered as the best discount nightlife which helps you to check the reviews and also provides food and the bar menu which makes it easier for you to select a pub or a club to visit. It has an option to reserve your table which allows you to skip huge lines at the restaurants. Apart from that, there are discounts and offers on food and drinks at select pubs and clubs which you can avail of when you book a table through Folga.

Folga is also an official Titos club online booking app. So, Folga App is one of the best online club booking app out there. It is like one complete app for all your food, drinks and partying needs which makes it a must-have app if you are to explore the party circuit in Goa.

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