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How has COVID-19 changed nightlife in Goa in 2020?

‘It’s the time to Disco’ is not a song for 2020, it is more a pang of craving. The Goa nightlife 2020 is One of the many experiences that Covid has snatched away from us.  For the better part of the year, restaurants and nightclubs were strictly shut down. The primary reason was to curb the virus spread and flatten the curve. Finally, restaurants are now slowly opening in accordance with social distancing norms. There seems to be no relief in sight for nightclubs, here’s what you need to know

Changes in nightlife post COVID

The urge to party continues, but there is an undeniable risk involved. And keeping in mind how coronavirus spreads, crowded dance floors might be a distant reality. At least until the vaccine arrives. But the world cannot be locked down forever and Goa is in agreement with that. The recently announced unlock 4 guidelines by the government allow the Clubs and restaurants to be open. This news gives us so much needed reason to rejoice, especially for business owners and travellers. One of Goa’s charms is its nightlife and no trip is complete without experiencing it. 

As per the protocols, the tables should be limited. They should be set apart at a distance of 6 meters from each other. Sanitization, thermal screening booths and hand sanitisers are mandatory by the hotel. The serving staff need to cover their faces with a mask and gloves at all times so as to limit the virus spread. Only a limited number of people, who have prebooked previously will be allowed inside the restaurant. Digital payments are encouraged so that there is no common point of contact between the staff and customers. 

Nightclubs in Goa

There will be major transformations in how people party, not only in Goa but all over the world. It will take time for clubs to be jampacked again. The Goa nightlife in 2020 will undergo a change and switch to alternate and safer options. Apart from social distancing, Night clubs in Goa in 2020 might have to abide by social dis-dancing rules. In the future, the dance floor may be separated into several sections and smaller groups. For instance, only four or five people may be allowed at once. People may not be able to crowd at bars anymore. People will have to order their drinks at their individual tables. It may all seem a bit strange at first, but it’s all a part of the new normal we are moving towards. You can use the Folga App to pre-book your table and reservations. 

Alternate Options

Have you been practising steps at home to show off your dance moves on the dance floor? Then you might have to wait a little longer. Goa nightlife in 2020 is recovering from an unforeseen and unprecedented standstill. But you can totally enjoy a meal paired with a glass of cold beer by the beach. Since the nightclubs in Goa in 2020 have been permitted to open lounges and fine dining. If you are still sceptical of stepping out, few places like Tito’s and Pitstop deliver delicious food to your doorstep. Hammerz at Baga beach hosts musical gigs and sports screenings and have an outdoor section. This is a great way to ease social distancing anxieties. Choose Folga to book your spot considering there would be limited space.

As of now nightlife in Goa in 2020 is not at its zenith. However, we must be thankful that the norms are relaxing. Eventually, as long as we get to have fun, nobody’s complaining.

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