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How Has COVID-19 Affected Nightlife In Goa

Goa misses us, the beaches, the sunsets, and the buzzing nightlife, as much as we miss it. There is no denying that Goa too is caught up in the Covid-19 whirlwind. Unfortunately, the WHO (World Health Organization) declared Covid-19  as a Pandemic on 11th March 2020. During this time, Goa was bustling with tourists across the globe, amidst the Coronavirus scare. The perceived threat for Goa to be a Covid-19 hotspot was concerning. Goa reported its first case on 27th March 2020. However, goa sprung into action long before the first reported. Right from mid-march 2020, the state started shutting down its nightlife places in Goa. Eventually, the pubs in Goa started closing their shutters to the locals and tourists. This was a wise and pre-emptive move that put the state in a good position to fight the pandemic.

Nightlife & Restaurants Shut

This nationwide lockdown has put a halt on some of the most thriving facets of the Goan economy. The Goan nightlife was all about great food, excellent music, and an experience of a lifetime. With the pandemic, these places started shutting down in early March. The scope of these businesses restarting may take time. This may be one of the last businesses to restart. However, restaurants are open and customers can opt for home delivery and takeaway model. It may be some time before we get back to our normal way of life, but hope remains.  

Halt in tourism and nightlife to affects economy

A huge part of the state economy is through its travel, tourism and nightlife places in Goa. Liquor sales are now allowed, however, Calangute beach nightlife or other pubs continue to remain shut. The restart of liquor sales is expected to give a kickstart to the dwindling economy. It has been estimated the tourism in Goa will restart only after the complete menace of the COVID has been over with. Even post which stringent protocols will need to be followed to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Businesses may slowly re-open

Businesses can now slowly restart in the area. However, restrictions will still be in place. Except for all essential services, all other businesses will function only from 7 am to 7 pm, post which everything remains shut. Unfortunately, the nightlife places in goa continue to remain shut. The pubs in Goa too aren’t going to be open anytime soon. Liquor shops are however opening under strict restriction and social distancing.

The hope of restarting the nightlife places in Goa or pubs in Goa lies within each resident. Once the country stands in a better place in terms of Covid-19, these places can reopen. The Folga App is used by the locals and tourists to explore the local happening Calangute beach nightlife. Generally, the app offers exclusive deals and offers for Pubs in Goa. You can find all relevant restaurant details like the menu, and pricing information on the Folga app. 

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