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How Are Party-freaks Compensating For The Loss Of Nightlife Due To Covid-19?

“I was five and he was six
We rode on horses made of sticks
He wore black and I wore white
He would always win the fight

Bang bang, he shot me down”

How often have you felt your heartbeat out of your chest as you heard these lyrics? This hit close to home right! This song, like so many other club anthems, is now a thing of the past. Now, you sit by the window wondering when will you wear your favorite outfit and go bananas partying the night out? The party scene in Goa just like any other party scene around the world has truly taken a hit. Don’t you wonder what happened to the club regulars? The ones that you “ALWAYS” saw at the party scene in Goa, no matter what day of the week or year it is? Well, they have been keeping the party going. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Since you can’t visit the clubs and pubs in Goa, here’s how the party freaks have been keeping their sanity.

House Parties 

While these may not be the safest bet out there, or highly recommendable, it is happening. If you promise to maintain safe social distancing, keep your glasses in your hand, this might just work with a whole lot of masks. This could be the future of the party scene in Goa soon. Now, on days you desperately miss the clubs and pub of Goa, house parties are an option (Questionably though)

Live Streaming DJ nights

Safest, smartest, and super fun ways of amping up the weekends (or weekdays), they are all the same now. Replace the yearning for the clubs and pubs in Goa with endless live streaming. Now, the best DJ’s around the world are accessible at your fingertips. We recommend you to go the whole nine yards, unpack your party lights, wear your best clothes, unleash the alcohol and bam, the best party scene in Goa at your home now! (Safe when done alone or with family)

The insane Insta lives 

Insta live has been a savior through these horrendous lockdown days. If you have been following the best DJ’s then you know that they have been doing Insta lives. From Charlie Puth to Justin Bieber, everyone has been amping up their Insta game. The fans are loving it, so please book your calendars and don’t just doze off in your Pajamas. Just join one of the Insta lives to experience an amazing party scene in Goa.

BYODJ (Be your own DJ)

So, you ask what about the nights when you just want to dance and there’s no party/ live or DJ? Well, you have your kickass music player, don’t you? Make your own amazing playlist and set it all up perfectly. Imagine all your favorite songs playing one after another. Never a dull moment even without visiting the clubs and pubs in Goa

Active Social Platforms

There are so many online partying scenes happening where you don’t feel like you are a 10th standard school student dancing to your computer songs (p.s nothing wrong with that too). Make a zoom group and join some parties with your pals and all of you enjoy it to the fullest. 
While the clubbing may still be eons away, you can still use the Folga app to book casual dinners for a break from the COVID scare. 

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