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Have you visited these forts in Goa?

Goa is popular among the travellers for its sprawling beaches, delectable food, ravishing nightlife and spiritual retreats. Goa is a great destination to refresh yourself amidst the beauty of nature with plenty of options. But it has much more to offer if you are willing to look around. If you are a history lover or just want to explore Goa differently. There is a whole another facet worth exploring, which includes the magnificent forts of Goa. They are a symbol of the historical heritage and richness of Goa. The following are the places to visit Goa in 2020

Chapora Fort

Chapora Fort is one of the highlights of North Goa. It is no wonder it ranks as one of the best places to visit in North Goa. Laying on top of the Chapora river this fort was originally built by Adilshah of Bijapur. It was then restructured by the Portuguese in the 1700s. This fort is also popularly called as the Dil Chahta He Fort due to a famous scene in the movie. This beauty surrounded by steep slopes on all sides and needs a small trek. The Fort provides a birds-eye view of the Vagator beach. This is a popular spot if you want to catch a glimpse of the beautiful setting sun.

Aguada Fort

Aguada Fort is an old majestic beauty and among the most archetypal forts in Goa. The fort was built in 1612 by the Portuguese. It has a freshwater spring from which it gets its name, meaning watery in Portuguese. The gargantuan and imposing fort has a stunning view of the never-ending Arabian Sea. The fort houses an exemplary four-level lighthouse which is popular among the tourists even though it is non-functional now. During the late 1700s under the Salazar administration, the fort was also used as a prison. Which is why it has many prison cells. You cannot miss this fort if you are a history & archaeology lover. If you want to witness the architectural might of the Portuguese. 

Sinquerim Fort

Sinquerim fort is located in the North goa district of Bardez. It is considered as a lower augmentation of Aguada. It is much more capacious in comparison and is bolstered by robust walls on all sides. The Sinquerim beach is cut into two halves by the fort. This fort provides a captivating sunset view. You can also experience the electrifying and revamped nightlife in Goa in 2020. Just visit the famous clubs such as SinQ, Cabana, LPK located near this fort. The Folga app is one of the best ways to get your entry sorted and avail exciting discounts. 

Betul Fort

The south Goa district of Betul houses the Betul fort which is located on the mouths of the Sal River. The fort was built during the Maratha regime by Shivaji Maharaj in the 1600s. It offers a front-on view of the Sal river meets the mighty Arabian sea. While unfortunately, the fort maintenance may not be the best, there is add odd charm. This is mainly because of the ruins, it is as if there is a story to tell. The fort gives out a deserted and unfrequented vibe and is a favourite among travellers who have an avid interest in history. Give this fort a visit if you want to take a detour from the normal and enjoy the wilderness.

Cabo De Rama Fort

Cabo De Rama fort is located in South Goa overlooking the magnificent Cabo De Rama beach. Its breathtaking beauty makes it the best places to visit in South Goa. Cabo De Rama is one of the oldest and one of the most popular forts in Goa. It is named after Lord Rama. Mythologically, he spent a considerable amount of his 14-year exile here. Another attraction here is the splendid San Antonio church built in the Portuguese era. The chapel still gets devotees from all over Goa and is an architectural specimen. A must-visit for someone who prefers calm and serenity. This place offers plenty of that along with awe-inspiring vistas and astounding scenic view of the mesmerising sea.

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