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Goa Beyond Beach: The Truth You Need to Know!

What’s the worst thing you can do to a touristy place like Goa? Stereotype it and explore only the most popular facet of it. For instance, explore just the beaches in Goa or just the nightlife and nothing more. Go Beyond the beaches because Goa has so much to offer you. Now experience the nightlife in Goa for bachelors, the amazing scenic places across town and the excellent restaurants. Here’s what you can do in Goa

The scenic waterfalls

While in Goa, you may spend a lot of time to find nightclubs in Goa, but ensure you also enjoy the scenic beauty too. While everyone knows about the beautiful Dudhsagar waterfalls, there are many other waterfalls too. Make sure you visit the Dudhsagar waterfalls to experience its beauty.  However, don’t miss out on other elaborate and utterly beautiful waterfalls such as Harvalem waterfalls in Sanquelim, or the Kesaraval Spring Verna waterfall. All these waterfalls are truly cut above the rest. 

Wildlife Sanctuary 

Nightlife in Goa for bachelors is truly unmatched, but so is its wildlife sanctuary. You simply cannot miss out on the natural richness of this place. There are so many places that you can visit. Once again, the most popular one is the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife sanctuary. But you must also explore Cotigao Wildlife sanctuary in the lush and green Khotigao, Goa. Yet another wildlife hotspot is Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Spice Plantations

Did you know that Goa also offers spice plantations? Goa really is a bag full of surprises right from nightlife in goa for bachelors to spice plantations. Super economical prices you can book spice plantation tours in south Goa in a jiffy. If you can spend all that time to find nightclubs in goa, you sure can look for the range of spice plantations available. These plantations are located in South Goa, with lush greenery and also the experience of authentic Goan food. 

The Nightlife in Goa

Okay, so you know all the popular places like Tito’s club in Goa or the Mambos club. But we are here to help you find nightclubs in Goa that are rather new. You can enjoy The Pink Elephant club or The Hammerzz club, these clubs have unique cocktails, super cool ambience and exciting offers. The music here is as happening as it gets. If you are here to experience nightlife in goa for bachelors, this truly is the place to be. Need to know more about the club and fix your entries, The Folga app is your one-stop-shop for your nightlife needs

Goan Cuisine Restaurants

When in Goa, please do yourself a favour, do not order of Paneer butter masala. You are here in Goa so it is important to experience the Goan cuisine right? Enjoy the super delicious and delectable Goan fish curry with the scrumptious flavour of coconut-infused within. Explore more of your Goan Cuisine by opting for restaurants like The Kamaki or The Hub, all of which have amazing local dishes like Beef Xacuti and Goan prawn curry. Don’t miss out on the local flavour when in Goa. The Folga app lets you book a spot in no time. 

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