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First Time Clubbing? Here Are Some Things You Need to Know

Nervous, jittery, paranoid, anxious, excited, and an irresistible urge to dance! If this is your first-time clubbing aren’t you consumed by all these feelings too? It’s completely normal to worry about how the night will play out. Unless you have gone clubbing too often, your worry may sound something like the cops barging into the club. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. If you are going to the best nightclubs in Goa, then you are safe! We have listed out a few things that you can keep in mind

Choose Good Clubs

Shady clubs can have shady circumstances! Use the Folga App to choose classy, safe, and popular clubs. A good club also promises great music, that means one hell of a time. Mambos Goa online booking is possible through the Folga app, these clubs are the best ones because they are carefully vetted. Your safety is a priority.

Dress Well

Dress as the club demands. Some clubs are casual, so you can let your hair down. If you go to rather high-end clubs, they may have more stringent dress requirements. The Folga app will keep you informed. Check it ours before moving out of your house.

Pre-book your entries

If you aren’t a regular, you could get easily confused or overwhelmed because of the entry queue! So, the best thing you can do is pre-book your club entry using the Folga App. You can easily, quick access to the club. Skip the line, leave maximum time for partying. Mambo’s goa online booking lets you do that.

Stag entry is possible too

Stag entry is when you are going alone or in a group, but not as couples. These charges could be exorbitant if you aren’t pre-prepared. Several nightclubs in Goa with stag entries can be pre-booked through the Folga App, for instance, Tito’s, show bar exchange, and more.

Drink Responsibly

Since this is your first-time clubbing, entering into the best nightclubs in goa for couples is just the first step. Once you are in, be responsible for your drinking. Know your boundaries, say no when uncomfortable, and do not leave your drink unattended. Don’t drink from unattended glasses.

Have a drinking buddy- always!

Have a friend or buddy that will look after you! This applies to you as well. The two of you need to look out for each other and stay safe. Don’t lose sight of one another, and always rescue each other from sticky situations like unnecessary attention from people around you.

Be careful when someone approaches you

It’s okay to let loose and interact with strangers, as long as you know your boundaries and stay safe at all times. Let your drinking buddy be in the loop here. Be wary of giving out personal information. If you feel uncomfortable, tell yourself you can stop at any moment you like!

We certainly hope that your first-time clubbing experience is filled with funny anecdotes and stories. The Folga app lets you have an uninhibited night of fun in the safest, most convenient way possible. Stay safe, Party always!

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