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Drink Without Getting High – 5 Famous Mocktails at clubs in Goa

When in Goa, the best memories are often the perfectly blurred ones aren’t they? Or are you the one person who doesn’t drink? Have fun as you narrate last nights horrors while everyone is drunk and buzzed with a bad hangover. If you are always the official caretaker of the group, then you too need some amazing mocktails to keep the night fun and happening as you watch the drama unfold.

Virgin Lemonade

The most common favorite within the famous nonalcoholic drinks in Goa. This one is the Queen of ‘Be Basic’. Everyone loves a good lemonade, it’s refreshing, it’s cool and can really boost up all the energy you need for dancing. This comes in Pink lemonade variant or the mint lemonade variant too. Looking for the best drinks at nightclubs in Goa? Choose clubs like The Hub, Hammerzz who get really unique with not just their cocktails, but mocktails too. 

Virgin Daquiri

You don’t have to worry about looking for clubs in Goa with unlimited drinks, because mocktails won’t make you much poorer, unlike the cocktails. Now opt for the Virgin Daiquiri that is the perfect blend of wholesome goodness from lime, strawberries, lots of sugar. The perfect punch of citrusy delight is what you can expect. Super easy to gulp and will leave you wanting more. Now choose the best drinks at a nightclub in Goa be it The Pink Elephant nightclub or the Hammerzz, the Virgin Daquiri is a delight. Don’t forget to check out the Folga app to check if the non-drinkers have good options available by viewing the menu. 

Virgin Sangria

Well, we’ve all heard the crazy stories that unfold when the sangria hits the system. Luckily for you, who loves the non-alcoholic version, you get all the goodness of the fruit flavor punch without the sucky hangover. Now pick clubs in Goa with unlimited drinks on special nights. The Folga App lets you pre-book your entries at some of the best clubs at discounted prices. Quench your thirst on a crazy clubbing night with this perfect blend of apple, grape, banana, peach juices mixed with lemon, and a punch of cinnamon. 

Virgin Mojito

The basic essentials that qualify a party as a good one are – Kickass music, delicious food to devour, and a spread of alcohol drinks and famous nonalcoholic drinks in Goa. The Virgin Mojito is a part of this bandwagon. You can’t have an amazing party without a good virgin mojito that keeps the party livened up for the non-alcoholics. The classic Mojito is one of the best drinks at nightclub Goa because of that irresistible punch of lime, the sweetness of sugar syrup, and classic club soda. Even in clubs in Goa with unlimited drinks, the Mojito remains a safe bet to take, not too brave, not too boring. 

Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary has been a bar staple since the beginning of the bar itself. The super amazing cousin of the infamous Bloody Mary makes this a club favourite. If you are looking for the best drinks at nightclub Goa, then the Virgin Mary can be a refreshing choice. Among the famous nonalcoholic drinks in Goa, this spicy blend remains favourite. The super blend of tomato juice, Worcester sauce, and Tabasco sauce remains special. 

The Folga App lets you have complete access to clubs in Goa with unlimited drinks.

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