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Christmas in Goa in 2020: 5 Unforgettable Experiences

Christmas in Goa in 2020: 5 Unforgettable Experiences

Planning ahead for your festive break filled with clear blue skies and golden gleaming beaches? Looking for succulent and piquant food and a crazy nightlife? Look no further; Goa will fulfil all these desires. The celebrations in December begin wholeheartedly in mid-December and stretch till the New Year’s. There is a special charm in celebrating Christmas in Goa which sets it apart from other destinations. December is the best time to travel to Goa as Goa comes alive in a kaleidoscope of colours and revelry. Goa should top the list of your winter travel destinations hands down. Here’s how you can make your Christmas in Goa in 2020 unforgettable.

Go, Beach Hopping

While Christmas in goa 2020 is truly mesmerizing, it’s the scenic beaches that add a cherry to the cake. You can just laze around, take a dip or soak up the glorious sunshine. The Goan beaches are dotted with palm-thatched beach stacks serving fresh from the nets catches. It offers beautiful sunset with drinks all ready to quench your thirst. Right from Fish curries to grilled prawns and squids accompanied by a soothing cocktail and a beautiful beach view. These beach shacks offer not only food but also a memorable experience.

You can head to the beaches at midnight on Christmas and New years eve to witness spiralling fireworks. It just lights up the midnight sky. Baga and Calangute beach are filled to the brim with tourists all excited to see the fireworks. Impromptu celebrations and dancing on Beach are a common sight, and you can join in the revelry.

Visit Churches

Almost one-third of Goans identify themselves as Catholics. Christianity is highly discernible through extraordinary and magnificent Churches and Cathedrals all across Goa. The Christmas week witnesses Carol signings, crib exhibitions, illuminated village nativity scenes and Christmas markets. The churches are embellished in aureate and glinting lights. Conceivably a quintessential Christmas experience would be to attend a midnight mass. You can offer prayers and join everyone in singing Christmas carols. You can also visit the church fairs, and Christmas themed markets where the celebrations are effusive. You can savour Christmas eateries, wine, rum cakes and also indulge in shopping for Christmas.

Explore casual dining

The food in Goa is undoubtedly good, but during Christmas it’s exceptional. You can try local authentic Goan cuisine at a fancy restaurant or a beach shack and also indulge in the special Christmas menu specifically prepared during Christmas. Indulge in mouth-watering delights like roast turkey, pork sorpotel, Vindaloo and an assortment of grilled seafood on the menu at Capetown Cafe. If you want a buzzing ambience with good food and party atmosphere, Tito’s is the ideal place to go. If you want a laid back and relaxing ambience along with good food and cheap alcohol far away from the hustle and bustle be sure to make a stop at Pitstop. Try the Folga app to get direct access with reservations to these diners.

Cruises and Casinos

Escalating the excitement and the entertainment pulse of Goa are its Casinos that redefine Goa’s wild side. Mesmerizing neon lights, peppy and catchy music, sumptuous food, drinks and an endless stream of games is what a casino in Goa offers. Goa is one of those places where gambling isn’t tagged illegal. If you are tempted to try your luck in Goa, a casino is never too far away. Most of the casinos are located in upmarket plush hotels or offshore on the boats anchored on the Mandovi river. The famous ones you can visit are DeltIn Royale, Casino pride, Casino palms and Chances Casino.


Goa’s resplendent nightlife is perfect with the golden beaches and quaint tourist attractions. When the sun goes down and the stars illuminate the sky, the beautiful shores of Goa come to life. Among the clubs, you can visit are Tito’s, Mambos, Curlies, SinQ, Hammerz et all to let your hair down and unwind yourself. Other than that, there are famous music parties in Goa in 2020 like Sunburn, Supersonic and Silent noise which gives us all the more reasons to visit Goa during December. You can also attend Christmas balls and Christmas parties in Goa in 2020 and celebrate Christmas like a local.

Christmas is the best time to be in Goa and can be spent in numerous ways. Partying upon the beaches, having delectable and tasty local cuisine or simply by taking the time out to experience the heart and soul of Goa with your family. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags for a Christmas like never before.

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