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Casual Dining Restaurants Are Now Open but Here’s How It Works

Goa has been one of the few states that handled the COVID-19 pandemic in the most tactful manner. The state was able to curb this pandemic very well as the rest of India struggled with this gripping disease. Casual dining places in Goa started to shut down before everyone else, which definitely worked in its favor. The outcome of which was that Goa could ease out its restrictions pretty early on. Goa was among the first few states to get the status of a Green Zone. Now, with the casual dining in Goa opening up their doors again, things are a little different around there. Here is everything you need to know about the new way of going about Casual Dining in Goa. 

Reducing the Seating Capacity

The world as we know it is going to witness major changes after the Pandemic. While things have started opening up, the seating capacity cannot be bustling anymore. Considering the safety guidelines, it is only logical to reduce the seating while also helping the hospitality and restaurant industry revive. However, can we all breathe a sigh of relief for having the luxury of sitting face to face with our family and enjoying a warm restaurant meal in some of the best casual dining places in Goa? Now it’s more imperative to pre-book your entry through the Folga app to secure your entry into your favorite casual dining in Goa

The Takeaway Model

While this model has been scaling the most, it is the most effective way to stay safe while enjoying the meal of your favorite casual dining place in Goa. If you are sure you want to experience casual dining in Goa, you can go ahead and do so. However, if you would rather stay home and feel safe, the takeaway menus have been a blessing for everyone. Almost all casual dining in Goa offers swift takeaway options. 

Going Digital!

How can food go digital you ask? Well, it can! The Hub for instance leverages a digital menu opportunity for its customers to order through. Instead of everyone touching and exchanging the same greasy menu, the digital menu provides a respite. You can book your spot at the local favorite casual dining in Goa through the Folga App

Online reservation

You could either go to some of the casual dining places in Goa only to find a queue and worry about your safety only to go back home. Instead, download the Folga app and pre-book your entry into any place that has casual dining in Goa. This way you get in with minimum human interaction, enjoy your meal, and go home safe.

Maintaining Safety Measures

Every restaurant has been mandated to follow safety measures. Choose to enter a restaurant that takes extra care about all the sanitization rules. Enquire if stringent and regular checks are being carried out at the restaurant. It is essential to know if the chef and staff undergo regular temperature and health checks as required. 

Experience Goa once again to explore the best casual dining places in Goa in a new light. Now, value these experiences more than ever before.

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