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Casual Dining Places in Goa You Weren’t Aware Of

Whether you are visiting Goa for the 1st time or the 100th time, the Goan food experience is a must-try. Everyone knows about some of the best clubs in Goa, but what about purely delectable food? Let us awaken the foodie in you, by guiding you some of the best places to visit for casual dinner in Goa. You can have your crazy clubbing nights, some nights are all about chilling, catching up, and talking about life. Goa offers you both in plentiful with the best casual dining restaurants in Goa.

The Hub

It’s time to scribble this one into your ‘Must visit while in Goa’ list. The Hub is one of the most chill restaurants in Goa that is perfect to unwind from the city chaos. Just landed in Goa after a hectic work week and looking to just talk and catch up with your buddies? The Hub is the hub to be at. You need not worry about reservations or tables because of the Folga app. This app allows you table booking for casual dinner. The quirky hashtag #yourhomeground pretty much sums ‘The Hub’. It has a warm and sombre ambiance that makes it perfect for a quiet catch up night. This one is a ‘go-to’ dining place every time you are in Goa. The food is the best part, you guys! Do try the special Panko fried chicken, the tender coconut pudding, and the delectable spicy wings over drinks.


This one rates as one of the best casual dining restaurants in Goa. Pit Stop is casual dining done right. The perfect restaurant to book a spot and enjoy a casual dinner as you chat over life, love, and more. If you and your gang are looking for a place to visit for casual dinner in goa, then this is it. This place will serve you some of the best food and alcohol without burning a hole in your pocket. Because of its popularity, Pit Stop tends to get crowded. Plan well in advance and use the Folga app to pre-book your spot. Enjoy a hassle-free casual dining experience and enjoy the vibe this place has to offer. The menu is of course it’s highlight. If you like simplicity, good music, good food Pit stop is for you.

Here’s how you can proceed with table booking for casual dinner

Experience the best of Goa, without wasting time standing in lines to visit the best places to eat. The Folga app helps you with table booking for casual dinner. You can go to the best casual dining restaurants in goa, by just downloading the Folga app. This app is very handy especially for booking tables for casual dinners and nightclub entries. The app is very user friendly and convenient. All you need to do is click on the pub you like, choose the number of entries, click ‘Book’, enter your details and choose ‘Pay at the counter’ option. You are good to go!

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