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5 Places Offering An Unforgettable Nightlife Experience In Goa

Goa trip planning seems impossible for most people, simply because it never materializes. But if your group has FINALLY reached the planning stage, firstly congratulations! Now, the next logical step is to go through this blog and figure out the 5 most unforgettable places for the ultimate nightlife experience. Here are 5 places that will make your trip to Goa an unforgettable one! You can thank us later guys.

Explore the Show Bar Exchange

If you are into all kinds of fun and unique concepts, then the Show Bar Exchange in Goa is the one for you. This nightclub offers its menu in the stock exchange style. You can choose your drinks based on current club trends. These prices are constantly fluctuating based on the demand trends, just like a real stock exchange. The Show Bar Exchange in Goa truly will have you in splits as you and your friends win and lose this game of drinking profit and loss. The Folga App helps you pre-book your entries

SinQ Nightclub

SinQ Nightclub is one of the rather classier clubs in Goa. If you are in the mood for some ultra-cool music, and experience of luxurious clubbing and all things elitist, then SinQ is the one for you. The SinQ Nightclub is perfect for someone who is looking for a change from all the local favorites for a more one of a kind experience. The excellent ambience, the rather cool drinks will have you tipsy in style. Download the Folga App to explore all the nightlife fun more conveniently

Hammerzz Goa

If your Goa trip was planned with the intention of getting sloshed and having a good time, then Tito’s lane is the place to be. Why? You ask. Well, it has a range of options such as Tito’s Nightclub, the Mambos Nightclub, and of course Hammerzz. This place is known for its cool music, luxurious vibe, and most importantly its quirky cocktails. The Bartenders at Hammerzz in Goa don’t take their job lightly! They are constantly coming up with a unique combination of drinks at the Hammerzz Goa. 

Cape Town Café Goa

Look, not every night is all about dancing your stress off. Some nights are more chill, and have a soothing vibe. Enjoy chill music, a couple of drinks, maybe wine or beer and you are good to go. Let the conversations roll off your tongue more smoothly, unwind all that city chaos as you enjoy Cape Town Café Goa. These are the nights that you’ll remember each time you go down the memory lane. With the reviews and offers on Folga App, your decision to choose the restaurant is now simpler than ever before.

Tito’s nightclub

Is your Goa trip truly complete if you haven’t visited the ultimate Tito’s nightclub in Goa? This one is as old as partying gets in India. Originated in the year 1971, Tito’s nightclub has through the years managed to keep its name as it is. Tito’s nightclub over the years has hosted some of the most popular Indian and international DJs. With excellent music, scrumptious food, and heady cocktails, Tito’s must be on your ‘Must Visit’ list. 

Happy Partying Night owls!

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