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5 Offbeat things to do in Goa in December 2020

Nestled in between the western ghats and the Arabian Sea, Goa is a well-renowned destination among travellers. This slice of paradise provides a varying and enthralling mix of people, food, cultures, lifestyles and things to do. The lure of spending boundless sunshine-filled days along with exploring the captivating countryside is irrepressible. December is one of the best months to visit Goa as it offers a range of options to do. Every day in December is like a party. Here are the 5 offbeat things to do in Goa in December 2020.

Enjoy the sunshine-filled days

The onset of winter in India starts in December. The pleasant weather, along with endless sunshine is a perfect combination for exploring the beaches of Goa. Goa is swept by a refreshing cool breeze throughout December. This makes it ideal for sunbathing or just lazing around the beach. The sunny, clear and blue skies amalgamating into the horizon make the beaches look all the more surreal. You can go beach hopping in action-packed and bustling beaches of North. You can go to the untenanted white sand beaches in the south. Try the sumptuous food on offer in the beach shacks along with the stunning view of the sun. The orange and red hue in the sky creates a picturesque landscape. If you are an adventure junkie you can even try water sports on offer on some of the beaches.

Shop till you drop in the night markets in Goa

Goa often known for its sun sand and sea is also known for its flea and night markets which offer a variety of local and international wares. The night markets should top the list of places to visit in Goa in December if you are a shopaholic. Among the markets, the Arpora night market or the Inigo market is quite popular among the tourists. The vendors set shop at 6 in the evening, and the market is open beyond midnight. There are sections based on the categories of products sold. Apart from the regular baubles and bibelots you can also buy products like fruits, vegetables, spices, nuts, home décor and jewellery. Anjuna flea market is famous for handicrafts, souvenirs and memorabilia. Mackies market is another famous night market where you can buy handloom products, junk jewellery, trinkets and handiworks for home decors.

The flea and the night markets in Goa is still untouched by trappings of commercialisation and thus finding a unique or an authentic item at a reasonable price is what draws tourists to these markets and tops the list of things to do in Goa at night.

Christmas celebration in Goa

Christmas celebrations in Goa is an event you cannot miss at any cost if you are in Goa in December. They say you are never too far away from a church in Goa which is absolutely true. You can attend midnight prayers or mass on Christmas eves and participate in the church fairs. The churches are decorated with glimmering lights, stars, laurels and spangles, which makes it a sight to behold. The accompanied markets that are set up by the church offer a variety of items such as foods, sweets, homemade crockery and handicrafts. You can revel in the festive atmosphere and get a first-hand experience of how the locals celebrate Christmas.

Party till you drop

The one thing about the Goan nightlife is it will never let you down. Goa hosts a string of parties in December as it coincides with Christmas and New years. You have bigwig events like Sunburn or Supersonic where international DJ’s and music bands strut their stuff. There are local balls and party events at every nook and corner in North Goa. Try the Folga App to book your entries to the coolest parties in Goa. The well-known clubs and pubs like SinQ, LPK, Titos, Cabanas host their own themed parties and celebrations which you cannot miss. Goa transforms into Vegas during new years and is rightly called the party capital of India.

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