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4 Things to Never do in A Club

Dear Clubbing/ Party Goers, 

Let’s promise one another that we will never do a few things in clubs! Because let’s face it, there is always someone doing these 4 things which can be a hassle to the rest of people or the bartenders. We are a community of music lovers, dance freaks, social butterflies, so let’s do better right? So, before you go around asking ‘Where is the best nightlife in Goa?’ Let us walk you through the 4 things we all secretly wished people did not do in a club! If you read this and realize you have done one of them, then this is your intervention guys! We are only looking out for one another. 

Do not order drinks that have a crazy alcohol mix

Look, we get it! You are all out to party and have a gala time but doesn’t mean you throw caution out of the window. So often you find people choosing random drinks that have more than one hard drink in them. Well, the outcome could be disastrous. If you already paid the Goa night clubs entry fees, don’t get drunk out of your mind within the first 30 mins. Just because you drank something you don’t know how to handle. 

Be smooth, don’t be creepy about the hook-up

There’s nothing wrong with wanting an amazing hook-up after a great clubbing experience. But please let’s be smooth about it. How often does it happen that we see a prospect, he/she approaches you and you have butterflies? Cut 2- they ask you about hooking up right away. While it may work for some, in general, it’s best if you can put in some effort. Everyone likes to be wooed in and flattered. Where is the best nightlife in Goa you ask? Well, anywhere where the courtship takes a little more effort than “Hi, your place or mine?”. Up your game ladies and gentlemen. 

Don’t order 2-3 drinks at a time

Unless you are ordering for everyone of course. But if you have headed to the bar and ordered it for yourself, well you should order one at a time. It’s always better to be short-handed on your drinks than being on the filthy club floors, right? Goa night clubs Entry Fees are super affordable thanks to the Folga App, but why not make the best of it then? Enjoy your time as you gulp in one drink at a time. Don’t chug in more than you can handle just because you paid for 2-3 drinks together. 

Don’t Block the Bar space

Oh my God, don’t we all hate the person who just stands around smiling doing nothing by the bar as the queue lines up? Come on! If you are smart enough to use the Folga App and pre-book your entries, then you wouldn’t have to wait by the bar. Now, just pre-book a table and reserve your spot instead of hijacking the precious but crowded bar. 

Wondering where is the best nightlife in Goa? Head on over to the Folga App to make your booking in a quick and hassle-free manner.  This way you can avail of some offers on the Goa night clubs Entry Fees.


Your Fellow Partygoer/ Well-wisher

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